In an attempt to approximate a Victorian reading experience, this class will read Dickens's great novel Bleak House in serial installments throughout the semester, alongside other texts.

1 Introduction: The Victorian Period
2 Dickens
3 Thomas Carlyle

John Ruskin
4 Thomas Carlyle (cont.)

John Ruskin (cont.)

Dickens (cont.)
5 Elizabeth Gaskell
6 Elizabeth Gaskell (cont.)

Dickens (cont.)
7 Elizabeth Gaskell (cont.)
8 Elizabeth Gaskell (cont.)

Dickens (cont.)
9 John Stuart Mill
10 John Stuart Mill (cont.)

Dickens (cont.)
11 John Stuart Mill (cont.)
12 Henry Mayhew

Dickens (cont.)
13 Henry Mayhew (cont.)

Isabella Beeton
14 Henry Mayhew (cont.)

Isabella Beeton (cont.)

Dickens (cont.)
15 Alfred, Lord Tennyson
16 Alfred, Lord Tennyson (cont.)

Dickens (cont.)
17 Alfred, Lord Tennyson (cont.)
18 Alfred, Lord Tennyson (cont.)

Dickens (cont.)
19 Dickens (cont.)
20 Lewis Carroll
21 Lewis Carroll (cont.)
22 Arthur Conan Doyle
23 Arthur Conan Doyle (cont.)

Rudyard Kipling
24 Dickens (cont.)
25 Dickens (cont.)