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MLA Style: Everything You Need to Know

Research Resources

Database of Contemporary UK Writers

Margaret Thatcher talking about sinking an Argentinian ship during the Falklands War
This will give you a good sense of her personality.

Margaret Atwood Resources

Margaret Atwood's Official Site
It is quite nice.

The Film Version
I love the VHS cover of the film version of Atwood's novel.

The Opera Version
Oh yes. What's next? The Handmaid's Tale Video Game?

Roddy Doyle Resources

Roddy Doyle Profile

Online List of "Everyday English" and Slang common in Ireland

Yann Martel Resources

Interview with Yann Martel
This is an audio interview to which someone has added some sad little graphics. But the interview is interesting.

Yann Martel's page on the Contemporary Writers Web site

Yann Martel's latest prank
He does love mischief.

McEwan Resources

Ian McEwan's Homepage
McEwan was one of the first UK writers to register his own name as an internet domain. What is the McEwan 'brand'?

The film version of The Comfort of Strangers

Martin Amis Resources

The Martin Amis Web
The Martin Amis Web was created in 1995 by James Diedrick, author of Understanding Martin Amis. It quickly became the authoritative resource for Amis fans, readers, and researchers. The site is now overseen by Gavin Keulks, author of Father and Son: Kingsley Amis, Martin Amis, and the British Novel Since 1950.

Ishiguro Resources

Kazuo Ishiguro Profile, #1
This page is maintained by the Guardian, an excellent London-based newspaper with superior sections on literature and the arts.

Kazuo Ishiguro Profile, #2
This page is c/o the British Council, which maintains an extensive Web site devoted to the UK's contemporary writers.

Coetzee Resources

Coetzee's Nobel Speech, 2003

Video of Coetzee's Nobel Speech, 2003's Review of Disgrace

Recommended Songs

"Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols (1976)

"Common People" by Pulp (1995)