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Benjamin, Walter. The Work of Art in an Era of Mechanical Reproduction.

Photo Collections

Some Web Addresses of Photo Collections

Go to Photos and Prints: an indexed good collection of historical photo collections, from ca. 1840 onwards.

Daguerreotype Collection, Library of Congress

Selections from Library of Congress Daguerreotypes Collection

Carl van Vechten: Portraits - Library of Congress

Curtis' Native Americans - Library of Congress

Civil War Photos by Mathew Brady and others - Library of Congress

Civil War Photos New York Historical Society - Library of Congress

Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information - Library of Congress

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives (except Library of Congress) for instance: Ikaru Iwasaki, Dorothea Lange.

Japanese Americans' Internment by Ansel Adams, Library of Congress

Chinese in California, Library of Congress

African Americans in Ohio, Library of Congress

Chicago Daily News, Library of Congress

Presidential Inaugurations, Library of Congress

Library of Congress: Fenton Crimean War Photographs (Fenton) - 263 photographs by Roger Fenton. 1855. Views of participants, landscapes and equipment.

Library of Congress: National Child Labor Committee Collection (NCLC) - about 500 photographic prints (records being added) 1908-1924. Photographs, primarily by Lewis Hine, focusing on children, showing workers, working and living conditions, and educational settings. Consists of a portion of the images from the collection for which copy photos have been produced.

Sheldon Collection(s), Sociological/Physical Experimental Ivy League Students Photographed Naked for "Archive"

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

Alexander, Sandy. "Out On a Limb: The Spatial Politics of Lynching Photography." - c.f. also, James Allen, Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America, 2000.

Stereoscope Photos

Walt Whitman Archive, including first edition (1855) "Song of Myself"