You will each write one 5-7 pages essay and then revise it with help from your peers. Your grade will average the first version and its revision. You will also each write one longer essay of 12-20 pages. I will prepare the topics, which will be broad enough to allow you to explore your specific interests, but will involve close reading of key passages and detailed analysis of the texts.

Essay 1 prompts (PDF)

Notes on essay revision (PDF)

Final essay assignment (PDF)

Discussion Leadership

The heart of this class is discussion, which you will each be responsible for leading on several occasions. I will provide guidelines and advice. You will present contextual materials, activities, and questions appropriate to the readings for that day, and you will have the opportunity to take us in the direction you think best, after which, if and when discretion dictates, I may take over.

Discussion leadership pointers (PDF)