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Computational Camera and Photography

Lecture Notes

This page presents selected lecture content in three forms: audio recordings, slides, and scribed notes taken by students during class.

Guest lecture content (slides and audio) and student scribed notes are used with permission.

1 Introduction and fast-forward preview of all topics

Part 1 
Internet Archive (MP3 - 19.2MB)

Part 2 
Internet Archive (MP3 - 14.9MB)

(PDF - 16.3MB)  no notes
2 Modern optics and lenses; ray-matrix operations; context enhanced imaging

Part 1 
Internet Archive (MP3 - 12.9MB)

Part 2  
Internet Archive (MP3 - 22.8MB)

(PDF - 8.6MB) (PDF)
3 Epsilon Photography: Improving Film-like Photography (guest lecture by Ankit Mohan) Internet Archive (MP3 - 14.7MB) (PDF - 2.5MB) no notes
Single-shot Multi-domain Camera (guest lecture by Roarke Horstmeyer) Internet Archive (MP3 - 8.8MB) (PDF - 2.2MB)
4 Computational Illumination: dual photography, relighting

Part 1  
Internet Archive (MP3 - 24.9MB)

Part 2 
Internet Archive (MP3 - 8.2MB)

(PDF - 3.6MB) (PDF)
5 Lightfields, part 1

Part 1 
Internet Archive (MP3 - 15.1MB)

Part 2  
Internet Archive (MP3 - 14.4MB)

(PDF - 4.6MB) (PDF)
Recent research: Retrographic Sensing for the Measurement of Surface Texture and Shape (guest lecture by Micah Kimo Johnson) Internet Archive (MP3 - 6.5MB)

(PDF - 3.4MB)

GelSight Videos 
Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) (MOV
20 dollar bill (MOV - 9.2MB
Fingertip (MOV
Fingertip with lotion (MOV)

kimoatmit. “GelSight.” July 31, 2009. YouTube. Accessed June 8, 2010.

-—. “Exploring the Potential of GelSight.” October 8, 2009. YouTube. Accessed June 8, 2010.

no notes
6 Lightfields, part 2 Internet Archive (MP3 - 19.5MB) (PDF - 4.7MB) (PDF - 1.4MB)
Recent research: BiDi Screen (guest lecture by Matt Hirsch) Internet Archive (MP3 - 6.6MB)
Cameras for human-computer interaction (HCI) Internet Archive (MP3 - 11.7MB)
8 Project ideas discussion Internet Archive (MP3 - 3.5MB) no slides  no notes
Wavelengths and colors (guest lecture by Ankit Mohan) Internet Archive (MP3 - 19.5MB) (PDF - 2.5MB)
Survey of Hyperspectral Imaging Techniques (guest lecture by Michael Stenner, MITRE)  Internet Archive (MP3 - 13.6MB) (PDF)
9 Computational imaging: a survey of medical and scientific applications (guest lecture by Douglas Lanman, Brown University) Internet Archive (MP3 - 20.1MB) (PDF - 1.8MB) no notes
“Cameras We Cannot Picture”: a survey of the computational imaging field (guest lecture by Ravi Athale, MITRE) Internet Archive (MP3 - 13.4MB) (PDF 1 - 1.5MB) (PDF 2 - 1.9MB)
Project pre-proposal presentations (3 min. each) no audio no slides

Mid-term exam

Optics and sensing in animal eyes: what can we learn from successful biological vision systems? (guest lecture by Quinn Smithwick)

no audio no slides (PDF)
11 Coded imaging Internet Archive (MP3 - 18.9MB) (PDF - 2.5MB) no notes
Wishlist for photography no audio (PDF - 6.2MB)

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