MAS.531 | Fall 2009 | Graduate

Computational Camera and Photography


Project Goals

The final project for the class should be novel and cool: hands-on with optics, illumination, sensors, masks. We can provide cameras, lenses, electronics, projectors, etc. Students will produce a conference quality paper describing the project, and we devote the last class period to presentations of the projects, followed by awards for the best projects.


The following table presents a selection of student project work, courtesy of the students and used with permission. Some other projects have resulted in papers submitted to conferences and publications, and cannot be presented here.

“Separating Transparent Layers in Images” by anonymous MIT student Paper (PDF)
“Chicken Cam: Sharp Images from a Moving Camera” by anonymous MIT student Paper (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
Animation of concept (GIF - 1.2MB)

Supporting video: destinws2. “Chicken Head Tracking — Pennywhistle Productions.” 15 June 2008. YouTube. Accessed 1 June 2010.

“Raytracing for Parallax 3-D Display” by Szymon Jakubczak Paper (PDF)
“3D Texture Maps from an Articulated Sensor Camera Mesh” by anonymous MIT student Paper (PDF)
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