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Computational Camera and Photography

Related Resources

Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab: for latest news, publications, and related materials.

Raskar, R. “Computational Photography: Epsilon to Coded Imaging.” Video of presentation at Emerging Trends in Visual Computing (ETVC ‘08), Paris, France.

Greene, K. “Photo Future.” Technology Review (May/June 2009).

Hayes, B. “Computational Photography.” American Scientist 96, no. 2 (March-April 2008): 94.

Raskar, R., and J. Tumblin. Notes for SIGGRAPH 2008 course: Computational Photography.

Advance and supporting material for the forthcoming book by Raskar and Tumblin. Computational Photography: Mastering New Techniques for Lenses, Lighting, and Sensors. Wellesley, MA: A. K. Peters, Ltd., 2010. ISBN: 9781568813134.

Symposium on Computational Photography and Video, Cambridge, MA, May 2005.

What is a Computational Camera? by Shree Nayar

Computational Cameras Projects, by Shree Nayar

Stanford Lightfield Projects, by Marc Levoy and collaborators

Community Photo Collections at University of Washington

CSAIL - MIT work on Computational Photography and Video

Jack Tumblin’s ‘Current Research Questions’ for the field

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics was a split award, half of it related to imaging: Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith “for the invention of an imaging semiconductor circuit – the CCD (Charge Coupled Device) sensor.”

Imaging Life - a web site with timeline, video and articles about imaging-related innovations. 

Additional Useful Resources (From Prof. Fredo Durand)

The following is based on a list compiled by Prof. Fredo Durand for his class 6.088/6.882 Digital and Computational Photography, Spring 2007. (Courtesy of Fredo Durand. Used with permission).

Photo classes offered by the MIT Student Art Association

The Edgerton Center

11.309J / 4.215J Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry

4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media

6.163 Strobe Project Laboratory

21A.348 Photography and Truth

21W.749 Documentary Photography and Photo Journalism: Still Images of A World In Motion

MAS.450 Holographic Imaging

SP.747 Creative Imaging

SP.757 Digital and Darkroom Imaging

Around Boston

Museum of Fine Art

Computational Photography by Alexei (Alyosha) Efros

Computer Vision by Steve Seitz and Rick Szeliski

Computational Photography by Marc Levoy and Bennett Wilburn (2004)

Computational Photography by Irfan Essa (2005)

Introduction to Visual Computing by Kyros Kutulakos (multiple years)

Topics in Image-Based Modeling and Rendering by David Kriegman (2003)

The Art and Science of Photography: Drawing with Light by Brian Barsky (multiple years)

Andrew Davidhazy, Rochester Institute of Technology

Color Vision Imaging Science and Technology by Dr. Hagit Hel-Or

Technical Material

Photoshop Healing Brush and Covariant Derivatives by Todor Georgiev

Szeliski, Rick. “Image Alignment and Stitching: A Tutorial.” 2004 (PDF)

Autostitch (University of British Columbia)

Ramanath, R., W. E. Snyder, Y. Yoo, and M. S. Drew. “Color Image Processing Pipeline in Digital Still Cameras.” 2005 (PDF - 7.8MB)

Farrel, J. E., F. Xiao, P. B. Catrysse, and B. A. Wandell. “A Simulation Tool for Evaluating Digital Camera Image Quality.” 2004 (PDF)

Withagen, P. J., F. C. A. Groen, and K. Schutte. “CCD Characterization for a Range of Color Cameras.” 2005     

Pixim “Digital Pixel System Technology.” Whitepaper

Young, I. T., J. J. Gerbrands, and L. J. van Vliet. “Noise.” From the Web site Image Processing Fundamentals, TU Delft, 2003.

Photography Web sites

Fluideffects (impressive before/after retouching)

Digital Photography Review (best resource for camera reviews)

The Luminous Landscape (really insightful, Reichman is a pro and has lots of interesting things to say)

Digital Outback Photo

Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights

Digital Photograhy Tutorials and Techniques by Sean McHugh (really good, fairly technical)

How Digital Cameras Work by Thom Hogan

Digital Photography For What It’s Worth

Digital Photography Miscellaneous Info

Digital Photography Fundamentals by Apple (PDF - 2.3MB)

Nikon F5 Series SLR models - Various Metering Systems

Canon Camera Museum

Wikipedia Autofocus

Nikon Article on Autofocus

Do It Yourself

Dirkon, The Paper Camera

Lego Camera

High-Speed Visual Imaging

Extreme Macro Photography on a Budget

The Cookbook Camera Home Page

DIY Cameras

Visual Perception

Eye Design Book (includes animal visual systems)


Fluid Effect

Girlpower - Retouch

NPPA Calls Newsweek’s Martha Stewart Cover “A Major Ethical Breach.” National Press Photographers Association, March 9, 2005.

Popular Culture: Is Seeing Believing?

Glenn C. Feron: The Art of Retouching

Touch of Glamour

Portrait Professional

Wayner, Peter. “Looking Perfect, One Pixel at a Time.” The New York Times, April 26, 2007.

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