Assignment 1

  1. Construct a specific example of a human-human interaction that clearly involves affect. Construct its “equivalent” interaction between a person and an affective technology by using the media equation. Write the interaction scenario in two ways: Once using the word “person” and the second time replacing it with the word “computer” so that the parallels are clear. Do this for two different scenarios: One case where the equivalence seems likely to hold, and one case where it seems likely to not hold. Bonus points will be given if the failure case is humorous.
  2. Give an example where you have seen a smartphone, smartphone app, or other consumer device demonstrate use of emotional intelligence. If you can’t think of one, then pick some kind of technology that you use in everyday life, and describe where you’d like to see it use emotional intelligence. Specify what the interaction looks like now, and how it would look differently if it were emotionally intelligent. Show each turn in the dialogue or interaction as if it were in a script of a play or movie. Be clear what makes it emotionally intelligent.
  3. Pick a least favorite and a most favorite application from Chapter 3 and critique both of them (pros and cons) based on your own personal and unique research perspective. I wrote these over fifteen years ago, and while some things have not changed much, others have changed dramatically. I would like to know what you think is most interesting today. For the two you pick, what would make it most likely to succeed? What would make it most likely to fail? Explain your thinking.
  4. What two topics do you most want to see us cover during this (very short) term?

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