Assignment 2

  1. For MIT students: Unless you already have CITI-certification (currently valid) through another institution, please make sure you have it at MIT. You can get it through MIT COUHES Training. Please confirm “YES” that you have completed this training before you embark on a class project that involves people.
  2. What is a question you have based on reading the chapters / article assigned on Session 2?
  3. Bonus: There is at least one statement of error, which occurs in one of the above chapters. The correct version was mentioned in class. What is the error and what is its correction?
  4. Prepare 2–3 slides of project ideas you have. On each slide put your name and one of the ideas, and number the ideas “1 out of 2, “2 out of 2”. For example if you have three ideas, the first slide should say “YOURNAME, Idea 1 of 3” and then give the following two points, being clear for each idea: (1) What would you like to build / test / study / learn? (2) What skills would you need to carry this out that you don’t have? We will use this to seed discussions of projects and to help make project teams. Email the .pdf of your 2–3 slides with the filename YOURLASTNAME-ProjectIdeas.pdf.

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