Assignment 5

Download and Play

On a smartphone or tablet (yours or a friend’s) download the AffdexMe app (available free for iOS or Android). Play with it and answer the questions below.

  1. For the AffdexMe app, try to use it near a window on a bright day. Which way does it work best: When you are facing the window, or when your back is to the window? Why?
  2. Facial exercises! For the AffdexMe app, go into the settings and change the metrics that are used, trying each one. Could you get them all to work on you - to have a high score when you made the particular facial movements? Comment on any that were particularly hard for you to achieve.
  3. How do you think people’s facial expression of emotion changes when they know they are being observed / evaluated? Try to give two different specific changes you would expect to see.
  4. Which factors might introduce the most variance into facial emotion measurements (e.g. interpersonal differences, culture, gender, situation)? Give two specific examples where you would expect high variance.
  5. Consider the ethical implications of emotion measurement of faces on large-scales? Give a specific scenario: How might it help improve our lives? Give a specific scenario: How might it make our lives worse? What are some ways that the troubling uses could be addressed / mitigated?

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