Assignment 6

This assignment has two parts:

Part 1

How is your project going? List what you’ll have completed by Session 7 and what the main challenges are going forward.

Part 2

Please prepare a short presentation with the following content:

Opening slide: Title of project, your names, “Twitter description” of what the project is about, status of any COUHES (approved, submitted, exempt, etc.)

Subsequent slides (as many as needed): Describe key work you’ve done on your project so far. This could be architecting software, background reading of related work, a completed study design, etc. Bonus: Do a live demo of what you have if its something that can be demonstrated.

Describe what remains to be done and your timetable to do it.

Timing: If you’re a soloist, plan to present for 5 minutes and to have ~3 minutes of discussion (8 mins total). If you’re a group, plan to present for 9 minutes and have ~5 minutes of discussion (14 mins total). You’ll be presenting / demoing on your own laptop so we will also have a minute or two of transition time for Q&A.

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