MAS.666 | Fall 2003 | Graduate

Developmental Entrepreneurship

Lecture Notes

Weekly lectures are a combination of class discussion and brainstorming, and lectures by visiting guests, which are presented here. Each work is courtesy of the individuals named, and used with permisison.

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Brainstorming Development Opportunities (PDF)
3 First Mile Solutions - Amir Hasson and Richard Fletcher (PDF - 1.4 MB)

Middle East Networks & Communications: “Pilot Projects for Deployment of Wireless IP Based System in Rural Areas of Jordan.”

Wireless in Nepal - Holly Ladd and Dileep Agrawal (PDF)

Healthnet in Kenya Case Study - Lishan Adam

4 Blue Energy Entry - Rolo Duartes, Mathias Craig, Ricardo Jimenez (PDF)
6 Grameen Phone Case Study - Iqbal Quadir (PDF)

SARI Project Case Study - Colin Maclay (PDF)

8 SELCO Case Study - Harish Hande (PDF - 2.7 MB)

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