Lecture Notes

The class covers a number of design related topics in lecture. Three of the lecture notes from the class are presented here.

Lecture Notes

Materials (PDF)

Tools (PDF)

Sensors (PDF)

Lecture Topics

1 Industrial Design Intelligence: Why? To Make Everything!
2 Engineering and Evaluation: A Perspective
3 TrackPoint

The Makings of an Ergonomic Product and Article

4 Famous Industrial Design Examples

Design of the 20th Century

5 Discussion of Product Design Projects
6 Thinkpad Stories of Design Challenges and Solutions 
7 Prototyping Stories

Deconstruct Product

8 Invention and Evaluation of Graphical Interfaces
9 Physical Model Making
10 Field Trip to Design Continuum
11 Go to and Write a Report on Media Lab Open Houses
12 Discuss Project Description Proposals

Discuss ID Magazine

13 The Idea of Design: Perspectives from the Design World
14 Project Mock-ups Presented, and discuss Charles Eames
15 Discuss Design for the Real World, and Raymond Loewy
16 Discuss Project Evaluation, and Richard Sapper
17 Sensation and Perception, and Deconstruct Product
18 Memory and Learning
19 Writing a Paper
20 Motor Control
21 Project Evaluation Discussion
22 Discuss Drafts of Papers
23 Product Lifecycle
24 Psychology of Everyday Things
25 Field Trip to Design IDEO
26 Project Reviews
27 Final Project Presentation 

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Fall 2003
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