MAS.836 | Spring 2011 | Graduate

Sensor Technologies for Interactive Environments


Course assignments consist of several problems sets interleaved with labs, plus a final project.

The labs were created by teaching assistant Mark Feldmeier. Problem sets were originally written by Prof. Paradiso, with subsequent enhancements by Mark Feldmeier and Nan-Wei Gong. (Files presented courtesy of Mark Feldmeier and Nan-Wei Gong. Used with permission.)

Problem Set 1 (PDF) Simple circuit analysis: standard circuit nomenclature, Ohm’s law, Kirchoff’s current and voltage laws, and ideal op-amp model  
Lab 1 (PDF) Learning to use test equipment  
Problem Set 2 (PDF) Time varying circuit analysis: capacitors; op-amps with positive feedback; complex frequency analysis, capacitor impedance, and non-ideal op-amp model  
Lab 2 (PDF) Introduction to power supplies and op-amps

TLV2374 datasheet (PDF - 1.4MB)

7805 datasheet (PDF)

Problem Set 3 (PDF) Pressure and force measurement: FSRs (force sensitive resistors), strain guages and piezo circuits  
Lab 3 (PDF) Introduction to force sensitive resistors and piezo films Interlink electronics.“FSR™ Force Sensing Resistors Integration Guide.” (PDF)
Problem Set/Lab 4 (PDF) Introduction to capacitive sensing

ADXL203 Spec sheet (replaces ADXL202) (PDF)

AD713 Spec sheet (PDF)

MAX494 Spec sheet (PDF)

Final project Demonstrate skill integrating and apply sensors to make a meaningful and understood measurement  

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