MAS.845 | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Special Topics in Cinematic Storytelling


1 Narrative - Dynamic Situation and Character View one movie of your choice in light of the readings.

Bruner, Jerome. Actual Minds: Possible Worlds. Chapter 1.

Kearney, Richard. On Stories. Chapter 11.

Leacock, Richard. Technology and Reality at the Movies. pp. 2-7.

———. Ethnographic Observation and the Super-8 Millimeter _Camera.
Vogler, Christopher. The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Storytellers and Screenwriters. pp. 13-31.

2  Information into Narrative Screeing of Brakhage, Leacock, and Figgis.

Lipman, Doug. Improving Your Storytelling. Chapters 1 and 5.

Pearson, Carol. The Hero Within - Six Archetypes We Live By. Chapter 1.

Information into Narrative due
3 A Question of Voice
(Guest Speaker: Kevin Brooks)
McCloud, Scott. Understanding Comics. Chapter 6.   
4 World Scenario Presentations
(Guest Speaker: Kevin Brooks)
Meyer, Leonard. Emotion and Meaning in Music. (Excerpts)

Thiel, Philip. People, Paths and Purposes.

World Scenario and Representation due
5 Narrative and Technology
(Guest Speaker: Tamiko Thiel)
Davenport, Glorianna. Cinema in Transition.

Minsky, Marvin. The Emotion Machine. Chapter 6.

Mueller, Erik. Story Understanding.

Singh, Push, and Barbara Barry. Collecting Commonsense Experiences.

6 Commonsense Story
(Guest Speakers: Push Singh and Barbara Barry)
Screening of Marker, Godard, and Hitchcock, Wallace.  
7 Things that Think Symposium    
8 Design for Immersion
(Guest Speakers: Pattie Maes with Orit Zuckerman and David Gatenby) 
Genet, Marie-Laurie. Courchense. Video Story Engine due
9 Final Project Ideas    
10 Final Project Ideas (cont.)    
11 Final Project Updates    
12 Final Project Presentations   Final project due

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