MAS.865J | Spring 2006 | Graduate

Quantum Information Science



C = Isaac Chuan
S = Peter Shor
H = Sean Hallgren, Guest Lecturer

1 C Quantum Operations; Operator Sum Representation; System-Environment Model Problem set 1 out
2 C Quantum Error Correction - Criteria and Examples

3 S Calderbank Shor Steane Codes

4 S Stabilizers; Stabilizer Quantum Codes Problem set 2 out

Problem set 1 due

5 S Topological Quantum Codes; Kitaev’s Anyon Model

6 C Stabilizers II; Computing on Quantum Codes

7 C Concatenated Codes; The Threshold Theorem Problem set 3 out

Problem set 2 due

8 C Cluster State Quantum Computation

9 C Measurement and Teleportation Based Quantum Computation

10 C Adiabatic Quantum Computation

11 S Quantum Algorithms on Graphs; Quantum Random Walks Problem set 4 out

Problem set 3 due

12 H Quantum Algorithms: The Abelian Hidden Subgroup Problem; QFT Over Sn

13 H The Nonabelian HSP; Hidden Dihedral Group; Positive and Negative Results

14 S Channels I: Quantum Data Compression; Entanglement Concentration; Typical Subspaces

15 S Channels II: Holevo’s Theorem; HSW Theorem; Entanglement Assisted Channel Capacity Project forms out

Problem set 4 due

16 S Channels III: Quantum-Quantum Channels, Mother/Father Protocol; Distillable Entanglement

17 C Entanglement as a Physical Resource

18 C Quantum Protocols - Quantum Communication Complexity; Distributed Algorithms Project forms due
19 C Quantum Games

20 C Quantum Cryptography


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