MAS.961 | Fall 2004 | Graduate

Seminar on Deep Engagement


1 Introduction: Cynthia and Glorianna

2 Music: Tod Machover Assignment 01 due
3 Learning: Mitch Resnick Assignment 02 due
4 Summary and Reflection: Dan Ariely Assignment 03 due
5 Measuring Affect: Roz Picard Assignment 04 due
6 No Class

7 Engaging People in an Image that Tells a Story: Paula Silver, Beyond the Box Productions

Sound and Controllers: Joe Paradiso

8 Interactive Class Discussion Assignment 05 due
9 “What would be the Role of Interaction Design for the Deeper Engagement?”: Hiroshi Ishii Assignment 06 due
10 Interactive Class Discussion Assignment 07 due
11 Computing Culture: Chris Czikszentmihalyi

“How do We Perceive Other People’s Identity in Mediated Environments?”: Judith Donath

Final project due
12 Ambient Intelligence: Pattie Maes

13 Interactive Class Discussion

14 Final Presentations

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