Summaries/Critiques 25%
Class Participation/Presentations 25%
Term Project/Paper 50%

Weekly Readings

Two components: summary and critique.

One page per reading maximum.

Due at noon, Tuesday before each class.

Student Presentation of Readings

Presentation assignments are made by Friday of each week for the following Wednesday.

30 minutes of presentation followed by 30 minutes of discussion per paper.

Student presentations should include summary of work, critique, and connections to other relevant literature. The presenter is expected to include material from papers outside of those assigned by the class reading list, such as looking up key papers from the cited references.

Term Project

Analytical paper with original perspectives on literature, OR build and evaluate computational model, and connect to literature.

Proposals due in Week 9.

Final project presentations and conference style paper (8 pages max) due in Week 13.

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