MAS.S62 | Spring 2018 | Graduate

Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design

Lecture Notes

1 Lecture 1: Signatures, Hashing, Hash Chains, e-cash, and Motivation (PDF)  
2 Lecture 2: Proof of Work (PoW) and Mining (PDF) Nakamoto, Satoshi. “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”
3 Lecture 3: Signatures (PDF) Maxwell, Gregory, Andrew Poelstra, Yannick Seurin and Pieter Wuille. “Simple Schnorr Multi-Signatures with Applications to Bitcoin.”
4 Lecture 4: Transactions and the UTXO Model (PDF) Bitcoin Transactions
5 Lecture 5: Synchronization Process, Pruning (PDF)  
6 Lecture 6: Simplified Payment Verification and Wallet Types (PDF)  

Lecture 7: OP_RETURN and Catena (PDF)

Guest Lecturer: Alin Tomescu

Tomescu, Alin, and Srini Devadas. “Catena: Efficient Non-equivocation via Bitcoin.” MIT CSAIL.

Catena code on GitHub

8 Lecture 8: Forks (PDF)  

Lecture 9: Peer-to-peer Networks

Guest Lecturer: Sharon Goldberg

Lecture not available

10 Lecture 10: PoW Recap, Other Fork Types (PDF)  
11 Lecture 11: Fees (PDF)  
12 Lecture 12: Transaction Malleability and Segregated Witness (PDF)  
13 Lecture 13: Payment Channels and Lightning Network (PDF)  
14 Lecture 14: Lightning Network and Cross-chain Swaps (PDF)  
15 Lecture 15: Discreet Log Contracts (PDF)  
16 Lecture 16: MAST, Taproot, Graftroot (PDF)  
17 Lecture 17: Anonymity, Coinjoin and Signature Aggregation (PDF)  
18 Lecture 18: Confidential Transactions (PDF)  

Lecture 19: Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Guest Lecturer: Joseph Bonneau

Lecture not available


Lecture 20: More about Ethereum

Lecture not available


Lecture 21: Proof of Work at Industrial Scales

Guest Lecturer: David Vorick

Lecture not available

22 Lecture 22: Alternative Consensus Mechanisms (PDF)  
23 Lecture 23: New Directions in Crypto (PDF)  
24 Lecture 24: zkLedger (PDF)  

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