Lecture Notes

This section includes extremely refined notes for every lecture given in the course.

LEC # Topics
1 Introduction and Course Description (PDF)
2 Course Survey (PDF)
3 Thermodynamic Variables (PDF)
4 State Variables and Functions (PDF)
5 Thermodynamic Systems and Processes (PDF)
6 Energy and Work (PDF)
7 Properties of Materials (PDF)
8 Stored Energy in Solids, First Law for Fluids (PDF)
9 Quasi-static Processes (PDF)
10 Heat Capacities and Gaseous Behavior (PDF)
11 Internal Energy and Enthalpy for Fluids (PDF)
12 Thermodynamic Functions for General Systems (PDF)
13 The Second Law (PDF)
14 Heat Stored during Phase Changes (PDF)
15 Gibbs Free Energy (PDF)
16 Entropy Content in Materials (PDF)
17 Conditions of Equilibrium (PDF)
18 Describing the State of an Alloy (PDF)
19 Generalized Conditions for Equilibrium (PDF)
20 The Chemical Potential (PDF)
21 Mathematics of Thermodynamics (PDF)
22 Mathematical Relations and Changing Variables (PDF)
23 Mathematics and Stability (PDF)
24 Implications of Equilibrium and Gibbs-Duhem (PDF)
25 Symmetry and Equilibrium (PDF)
26 The Gibbs Phase Rule and its Application (PDF)
27 Gibbs Free Energy and Phase Diagrams (PDF)
28 Uniformity of Chemical Potential at Equilibrium (PDF)
29 Important Geometrical Constructions (PDF)
30 Phase Diagrams (PDF)
31 Solution Thermodynamics (PDF)
32 Unstable Solutions (PDF)

Extra Phase Diagrams (PDF)
33 Equilibrium Conditions for Solid Solutions (PDF)
34 Equilibrium Conditions for Charged Species (PDF)
35 Introduction to Surface Thermodynamics (PDF)