The following table, listing all lab topics, also includes resources associated with the first few lab sessions.


Lab1 Chronology and Dating Techniques

Required Reading

Buy at Amazon Fagan, B. M. "Time." In Archaeology: A Brief Introduction. 8th ed. East Rutherford, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2002, pp. 79-97. ISBN: 9780130994363.

Lab2 Chronology and Dating Techniques (cont.)

Required Reading

Radiocarbon Handout (PDF)

Optional Reading

Balter, M. "Radiocarbon Datings's Final Frontier." Science 313 (September 15, 2006): 1560-1563.

Lab3 Site Documentation - Map Reading, Site Location

Required Readings

Selected Notes (PDF)

USGS: The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grid (PDF)

Geomagnetism: Long Term Movement of the North Magnetic Pole

Lab4 Site Documentation - Mapping (PDF)  
Lab5 Stone Technology Lab: Manufacturing Techniques  
Lab6 Stone Technology Lab: Debitage Identification / Classification  
Lab7 Stone Technology Lab: Artifact Identification / Classification  
Lab8 Ceramics Lab: Ceramics as Archaeological Materials, Forming and Firing Ceramic Vessels  
Lab9 Ceramics Lab: Analysis of Ceramics as Materials


Background on Adrar Abu; Preparation for Paper 2 (PDF)

Lab10 Faunal Analysis Lab: Bone / Element Identification  
Lab11 Faunal Analysis Lab: Bone / Faunal Identification