Below are the project assignments in three formats (.tex, .ps, and .pdf). Sample student projects are included courtesy of the students listed. The projects are due during the week noted in the table.

8 Project 1: Reflections in a Euclidean Space (TEX) (PS) (PDF) Project 1 by Philip Brocoum (PDF) (Courtesy of Philip Brocoum. Used with permission.)
9 Project 2: Abstract Root Systems (TEX) (PS) (PDF) Project 2 by Matthew Herman (PDF) (Courtesy of Matthew Herman. Used with permission.)
10 Project 3: Simple and Positive Roots (TEX) (PS) (PDF) Project 3 by Juha Valkama (PDF) (Courtesy of Juha Valkama. Used with permission.)
12 Project 4: Properties of Simple Roots (TEX) (PS) (PDF) Project 4 by Eric Broder (PDF) (Courtesy of Eric Broder. Used with permission.)
13 Project 5: Cartan Matrix of a Root System (TEX) (PS) (PDF) Project 5 by Thomas Covert (PDF) (Courtesy of Thomas Covert. Used with permission.)
14 Project 6: Dynkin Diagrams and Classification (TEX) (PS) (PDF) Project 6 not yet available