The problem sets were due in the lecture sessions essentially every Friday. The first two PSets dealt almost entirely with root finding, and the next four not only with single and multiple integrals but also with interpolations and the acceleration of convergence of sums and products. After the spring break, PSets 7-9 dwelled on ODE solutions and some special functions, while our last 3 PSets were devoted wholly to numerical linear algebra.

lec # assignments
5 Problem Set 1 (PDF)
8 Problem Set 2 (PDF)
11 Problem set 3 (PDF)
14 Problem Set 4 (PDF)
17 Problem Set 5 (PDF)
21 Problem Set 6 (PDF)
23 Problem Set 7 (PDF)
26 Problem Set 8 (PDF)
29 Problem Set 9 (PDF)
31 Problem Set 10 (PDF)
34 Problem Set 11 (PDF)
37 Problem Set 12 (PDF)