The session numbers listed below indicate when each problem set is due. Problem sets are assigned from the course textbook:

Artin, M. Algebra (2nd Edition). Addison Wesley, 2010. ISBN: 9780132413770.

4 Homomorphisms and isomorphisms

Diagnostic Problem (PDF)

Problem Set 1 (PDF)

7 Product groups, quotient groups Problem set 2 (PDF)
10 Computation with bases Problem set 3 (PDF)
14 The characteristic polynomial Problem set 4 (PDF)
16 Rotations Problem set 5 (PDF)
19 Discrete groups of isometries Problem set 6 (PDF)
22 Finite rotation groups Problem set 7 (PDF)
26 The symmetric and alternating groups Problem set 8 (PDF)
29 The projection formula Problem set 9 (PDF)
32 The special unitary group SU2 Problem set 10 (PDF)
38 Simple groups Problem set 11 (PDF)