Study Materials

Here are some files to help you write mathematics in a way that is more professional in style and format.

These files are the two source files and two compiled versions of the paper, "Writing a Math Phase Two Paper." It gives a lot of tips on writing a short math paper, and also serves as a model of one. The introduction describes MIT's old Phase Two Writing Requirement; its content is, in part, no longer relevant, but it serves as a reminder to write an introduction that includes background material and that discusses the contents. (TEX) (PS) (DVI) (PDF)

This file contains a number of URLs, with lots of info about obtaining and using TeX software. (TXT)

Most publishers of math supply TeX style files, and these two files are the TeX style files for the department's Undergraduate Journal of Math. Please use them for your term paper. (STY 1) (STY 2)

These two files make it easier to get started with TeXing your term paper. The former has all the necessary structural declarations; the second also has some examples, illustrating some common formatting code. (TEX 1) (TEX 2)