Lecture Notes

The course notes were prepared jointly by Prof. Pavel Etingof and Xiaoguang Ma.

Complete lecture notes (PDF - 2.4MB)

2Classical and quantum Olshanetsky-Perelomov systems for finite Coxeter groups(PDF)
3The rational Cherednik algebra(PDF)
4The Macdonald-Mehta integral(PDF)
5Parabolic induction and restriction functors for rational Cherednik algebras(PDF)
6The Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov functor(PDF)
7Rational Cherednik algebras and Hecke algebras for varieties with group actions(PDF)
8Symplectic reflection algebras(PDF)
9Calogero-Moser spaces(PDF)
10Quantization of Calogero-Moser spaces(PDF)