This course was originally offered in Course 13 (Department of Ocean Engineering) as 13.853. In 2005, ocean engineering subjects became part of Course 2 (Department of Mechanical Engineering), and this course was renumbered 2.068.

Course Meeting Times

Lectures: Two sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session


Buy at Amazon Jensen, Finn B., William A. Kuperman, Michael B. Porter, and Henrik Schmidt. Computational Ocean Acoustics. College Park, Maryland: American Institute of Physics, 1994. ISBN: 1563962098.

1 Introduction
2 The Acoustic Wave Equation. Integral Transforms. The Helmholtz Equation. PS1 out.
3 Sources in Unbounded and Bounded Media. Green's Functions. Green's Theorem.
4 Reflection and Transmission. Integral Transform Solution. Source in Half-spaces.
5 Ideal Waveguides. The Pekeris Waveguide.
6 Wavenumber Integration

Layer Solutions and Interface Conditions. PS1 due. PS2 out.
7 Wavenumber Integration

Global Matrix Solution.
8 Wavenumber Integration

Propagator Matrix and Invariant Embedding Solution.
9 Wavenumber Integration

Numerical Evaluation of Wavenumber Integral. Aliasing and Wrap-around.
10 Wavenumber Integration

Numerical Methods Used in Wavenumber Integration. PS2 due. PS3 out.
11 Normal Modes

Mathematical Derivation. Model Expansion of the Green's Function.
12 Normal Modes

Isovelocity Problem. Generalized Derivation.
13 Normal Modes

Munk Profile. Numerical Approaches. PS3 due. PS4 out.
14 Normal Modes

Numerical Approaches (cont.).
15 Normal Modes

Numerical Procedures.
16 Normal Modes

Range-dependent Environment. Coupled Modes.
17 Normal Modes

3-D Environment. PS4 due. PS5 out.
18 Parabolic Equation

Derivation of Parabolic Equations.
19 Parabolic Equation

Starting Fields.
20 Parabolic Equation

Energy Conservation Problem. Solutions by FDs FEs. PS5 due. PS6 out.
21 Doppler Shift in Waveguide.
22 Time Series Simulation. Signal and Noise.
No Lec.: PS6 due.  

Assignments and Quizzes

  • Homework assignments every 1-2 weeks, involving solution of theoritical problems, development of propagation codes in MATLAB?, and physical interpretation of numerical results. (60% of grade)
  • One take-home exam to be scheduled late November. (40% of grade)
  • No final.

Written Material

  • Jensen, Kuperman, Porter, and Schmidt. Computational Ocean Acoustics.
  • OASES Application and upgrade Notes.
  • Class notes.