Lecturer Key

GM = Gareth McKinley

JM = Jeffrey Moran

The Continuum Viewpoint and the Equations of Motion
1 Introduction: Continuum Hypothesis; Thermophysical Properties GM
2 The Material Derivative; Lagrangian and Eulerian Descriptions JM
3 Kinematics of Deformation GM
Fluid Statics
4 Forces and Stresses at a Point; Hydrostatic Pressure Variations; Rigid Body Motions GM
Inviscid Flow and Bernoulli
5 Steady Bernoulli Equation Along / Across Streamlines; Unsteady / Generalized Forms of the Bernoulli Equation GM
Control Volume Theorems and Applications
6 The Reynolds Transport Theorem GM
7 Conservation of Mass / Energy / Entropy; Conservation of Linear Momentum GM
8 Examples of Conservation of Linear Momentum; Conservation of Angular Momentum GM
Equations of Viscous Flow
9 Conservation of Mass in Differential Form; The Constitutive Equation for Newtonian Fluid; Mechanical Pressure versus Thermodynamic Press GM
10 The Navier Stokes Equation; Boundary Conditions for Navier-Stokes Equations GM
11 Full Developed Flows, Couette and Poiseuille Flows, Stability of Viscous Flows GM
  Quiz 1  
Dimensional Analysis
12 The Buckingham Pi Theorem; Physical Significance of Dimensionless Variables GM
13 Asymptotic Limits of the Governing Equations and Scaling with Dimensionless Variables GM
More Complex Viscous-Dominated Flows
14 Start-Up and Transient Flows; Similarity Solution for a Flat Plate (The Rayleigh Problem) GM
15 Quasi-Fully Developed Flows: Lubrication Analysis GM
16 Free Surfaces and Other Lubrication Flows GM
Potential Flow Theory
17 The Velocity Potential and Stream Function; Complex Variable Formulation GM
18 Examples of Potential Flow Solutions GM
Vorticity and Circulation
19 Definition of Circulation; Connection to Inviscid Flow and Vorticity; Rotational and Irrotational Flows JM
20 Kelvin's Circulation Theorems; Lift, Induced Drag; Airfoils, Lifting Lines, Propellers, Windmills JM
  Quiz 2  
Boundary Layers, Separation and Drag
21 Motivation and Scaling of the Boundary Layer Equations; Measures of Boundary Layer Thickness GM
22 Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate; Effect of a Pressure Gradient: Falkner-Skan Solutions GM
23 Flow Separation; Turbulent Boundary Layers GM
Surface Tension and Its Importance
24 Free Surface Force Balance; Scaling and Dimensional Analysis; Capillarity: Simple Static Solutions GM
25 Examples of Flows Driven by Surface Tension GM
26 Course Review GM & JM
   Final Exam