Course Reading List

There will be no required textbook. Portions of the following books will be helpful.

Manufacturing Systems

Gershwin, Stanley B. Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Prentice Hall, 1993. ISBN: 9780135606087.

Monden, Yasuhiro. Toyota Production System: Practical Approach to Production Management. Industrial Engineering and Management Press, 1983. ISBN: 9780898060348. 

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———. Les systèmes de production modernes. Tome 2 : Outils et corrigés des exercices coll finance gestion managem. Hermes Science, 2006, p. 385. ISBN: 9782746212503. (In French)

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Overview of Mathematical Methods

Denardo, Eric V. The Science of Decision Making: A Problem-Based Approach Using Excel. Wiley, 2001. ISBN: 9780471318279.

Luenberger, David G. Introduction to Dynamic Systems: Theory, Models, and Applications. Wiley, 1979. ISBN: 9780471025948.