1 Introduction to the Class Getting Started w/Lab Machines
2 Marine Robotics Applications Marine Robotics Software 1
3 The MOOS Autonomy Middleware Marine Robotics Software 2
4 Programming in MOOS MOOS Middleware
5 Ocean Acoustics, Sensing, and Comms MOOS Application Writing
6 Behavior-Based Robotics / IvP Helm Intro to Helm Autonomy
7 Behavior Properties / Multi-vehicle Operations Sim Multi-vehicle Ops 1
8 Nested Autonomy Paradigm Sim Multi-vehicle Ops 2
9 Autonomous Collaborative Search Autonomous Collab Search 1
10 Guest Lecture: Dr. Balasuriya, Underwater Imaging Autonomous Collab Search 2
11 Contact Related Behaviors / Dynamic Behavior Spawning Autonomous Collab Search 3
12 Acoustic Comms 1 Goby Acomms Software 1
13 Acoustic Comms 2 Goby Acomms Software 2
14 Intro to Behavior Authoring Collab Search II
15 Optimization and Helm Decisions Collab Search II / Pavilion
16 IvP Build Toolbox Collab Search II / Pavilion
17 Parameter Estimation Collab Search II Competition
18 Class briefs of Collab Search Auton Front Detection
19 Adaptive Acoustic Sensing Auton Front Detect
20 Guest Lecture: Prof. Lermusiaux, Rapid Environ. Assess Auton Front Detect (independent)
21 Guest Lecture: Prof. John Leonard, AUV Navigation Auton front Detect Sim Complete
22 Class briefs on Front Detection Pavilion prep for competition
23 In-Water Experimentation Charles River Lab 1
24 Guest Lecture: Prof. Franz Hover, Autonomous Ship Hull Inspection Charles River Lab 2
25 Final Lab Demos Final Lab Demos
26 Final Lab Demos (cont.) Final Lab Demos (cont.)