NOTE: The homework assignments for this class require access to the following online development tools and environments that may not be freely available to OCW users. The assignments are included here as examples of the work MIT students were expected to complete.

1 Getting Started w/ Lab Machines None None
2 Marine Robotics Software 1 Introduction to C++ (PDF) None
3 Marine Robotics Software 2 Introduction to MOOS (PDF) Lab 3 updates
4 MOOS Middleware Introduction to MOOS Programming (PDF) Lab 4 updates
5 MOOS Application Writing Ocean Acoustic Environment (PDF) Lab 5 updates
6 Intro to Helm Autonomy Intro to Helm Autonomy (PDF)

Lab 6 updates

Lab 6 video clips:

-Modified alpha mission 1

-Modified alpha mission 2

-Bravo mission 1

-Bravo mission 2

-Bravo UUV mission 1

-Bravo UUV mission 2

7 Sim Multi-vehicle Ops Pt1 Simulation of Multi-Vehicle Operations (PDF)

Lab 7 updates

Lab 7 video clips:

-Times double loiter

-Timed double traverse 1

-Timed double traverse 2

8 Sim Multi-vehicle Ops Pt2 Multi-Machine Simulation of Multi-Vehicle Operations (PDF)

Lab 8 video clips:

-Timed double traverse with replanning

9–11 Autonomous Collab Search 1–3 Autonomous Collaborative Search (PDF)

Lab 9 updates

Lab 9 video clips:

-Vehicle loitering mission

12–13 Goby Acomms Software 1–2 Acoustic Communications and Networking (PDF) Lab 12 updates
14–17 Collab Search II / Pavilion Autonomous Collaborative Search Part 2 (PDF)

Lab 15 updates

18–21 Autonomous Front Detection Autonomous Front Detection (PDF - 1.6MB) None
22–26 Charles River Lab In-Water Autonomous Front Estimation (PDF - 1.6MB) None