1 Introduction and Overview
2 Learning Through Making In-class activity: Kinetic sculpture workshop, using cricket technology
3 Learning from One Another Assignment: Teach/learn something to/from another student in the class
4 Apprenticeship Learning Assignment: Take a several-hour class or workshop to learn something new
5 Powerful Ideas and Fluency Assignment: Paper on "What can I learn in 3 hours?"
6 Learning "On Your Own"
7 Choosing Your Tools (and Fluency with Tools)
8 Documenting and Evaluating Activities
9 Diane Willow: Learning as Space, Place and Environment
10 Design vs. Craft Roundtable Discussion

Guests: John Maeda, Stu Kestenbaum, Arthur Gansen
11 Discussion of Plans for First-round Workshops
12 Reports on First and Second Round Workshops
13 Workshops for One Another
14 Final Project Reports Due, and Workshops for the Media Lab Due: As a part of your report, set up a web site which includes:

Online materials to help others run the workshop

Your reflections on -
what workshop participants learned; what you learned ways to extend the workshop experience