1 Introduction

Selected Works
Glorianna Davenport and Steven Benton

Glorianna Davenport and Ali Mazalek
2 Travelling Stories Nina Sabnani  
3 Zoetrope Workshop at MIT Museum and Personal Presentations Michael Smith-Welch First assignment due
4 Hackney Girl Ian Flitman  
5 Engaging Characters Toni Dove  
6 New Work Luc Courchesne  
7 Presentations of Project Proposals   Midterm assignment due
8 Participants should visit the Media Lab Open House    
9 New Work Zoe Beloff  
10 Discussion    
11 Machine Therapy Kelly Dobson  
12 Dorothy Cross Dorothy Cross  
13 Eddo Stern

Final Review of Projects
Eddo Stern
14 Install Works    
15 CAVS Final Exhibition   Final assignment due