1 Introduction to Common Sense for Interactive Applications
2 Common Sense in Languages and Cultures
3 Applications Survey: Recommendation, Games
4 Educational Applications
5 Applications Survey: Inferring User Goals (Goose, Roadie, Creo/Miro/Adeo, etc.)
6 No Meeting
7 Tutorial on Commonsense Tools: OMCS, ConceptNet, EventNet, etc.
8 Related Work (Cyc, ThoughtTreasure, Semantic Web, Conventional KR, etc.)
9 Common Sense Inference
10 Project Workshop & Critique
11 Improving Knowledge Collection and Knowledge Quality
12 Applications Survey: Affect, Personality, Viewpoints (Empathy Buddy, WWTT, Aesthetiscope, etc.)
13 Project Workshop & Critique (cont.)
14 Final Project Presentations