Lecture Notes

This page presents the complete lecture slides as presented in class, and class notes that complement the lecture slides.

Lecture Slides

The complete set of lecture slides is given here compiled in a single file. Within the file, the start of each lecture is bookmarked for ease of direct access. Your PDF viewer should open with the bookmarks index visible, alongside the slides window.

Important: The slides and notes include links to a set of audio examples, provided below in a ZIP file. For these linked examples to work correctly, you must download and save the lecture slides and class notes PDFs, then download and unpack the audio examples ZIP and move its /examples/ folder in the same directory as the slides and notes. This is detailed in the Instructions to run audio examples (PDF).

This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.Complete lecture slides (PDF - 58MB)

Audio examples (ZIP - 5MB) (contains 1 .txt file and 19 .wav files)

While viewing the slides on your screen, clicking on any "play button" icon Play button icon, a right-pointing triangle within a circle. will launch the associated example. Note that many play buttons link out to online audio and visualization resources outside of OCW.

Class Notes