Readings and Assignments

Readings and Assignments Key

ED = Sound Editing Exercise
MX = Mixing Assignment
PA = Production Analysis
RD = Reading Assignment with brief written response
SR = Recording Session Report
WR = Written Assignment


SES # TOPICS Readings and Assignments Due
1 The art of sound recording RD00: The Art of Sound Recording (PDF)
2 Physics of sound

WR1: Edison's List (PDF)

RD01: Physics of Sound (PDF)

3 Microphones

RD02: Microphones (PDF)

4 Perception of sound

PA1: In-Class Presentation (PDF)

RD03: Perception of Sound (PDF)

5 Workshop: MOSS intro and mic handling

RD04: Interview with Silvia Massy Shivy (PDF)

6 Basic sound editing techniques

Quiz 1—no assignments due

7 Workshop: Cables, preamps, patchbays

RD05: Cables, Connections, and Patchbays (PDF)

8 Filters and EQs

ED1: Drum Loop (ZIP) (contains 1 .pdf file, 1 .txt file, and 29 .wav files)

RD06: Filters & EQs (PDF)

9 Stereo recording techniques

RD07: Stereo Recording Techniques (PDF)

10 Dynamics and compression

ED2: Equalization (PDF)

RD08: Dynamics & Compression (PDF)

11 Workshop: Stereo recording practice

RD09: Digital Audio (PDF)

12 Workshop: Headphone monitoring

ED3: Dynamic Range Processing (PDF)

13 Digital audio

Quiz 2—no assignments due

14 Mixing consoles

RD10: The Art of Mixing (PDF)

15 Student presentations: Recording session plans

SR1: Session Plan (Group Report & Presentation) (PDF)

RD11: Sound Recording Techniques (PDF)

16 Mixing strategies

ED4: Preparing Stems (PDF)

17 Recording session 1 (classical piano solo)

RD12: Room Acoustics & Reverberation (PDF)

18 Room acoustics and reverberation

MX1: Mixdown of Stems (PDF)

19 Recording session 2 (R&B group)

RD13: Nature Builds No Telephones (PDF)

20 Recording session 3 (progressive metal group)

MX2: Mixdown with Reverb (PDF)

21 Review, preview

Quiz 3—no assignments due

22 Sound quality and critical listening RD14: Sound Quality & Critical Listening (PDF)
23 Recording session 4 (classical piano trio)

WR2: Music Technology in 50 Years (PDF)

24 Recording session 5 (classical violin & piano duet)

PA2: Production Bloopers (PDF)

25 Mastering techniques RD15: Rupert Neve (PDF)
26 Workshop: Command-line sound editing SR2: Session Documentation (Group Report) (PDF)
27 Guest speaker: Al Kooper  No assignments due
28 Workshop: 5.1 surround sound MX3: Session Mix and Master (PDF)