Course Overview, Introduction to General Imaging Principles, Imaging Terms and Definitions Linear Optics (Ray Tracing)

2 Linear Imaging Systems, The Delta Function and the Impulse Function Superposition, Instrument Response Function, Point Spread Function, Space Invariance, Pin-Hole Camera
3 Fourier Transformations, Modulation Transfer Functions
4 Convolution, Deconvolution, Fourier Convolution
5 Sampling, Nyquist, Counting Statistics, Additive Noise
6 Radiation Types, Interactions
7 Radiation Detection, Dose
8 Exam 1
9 Planar X-ray Imaging, System Response, S/N
10 Projective Imaging, Back Projection, Shadow Imaging
11 BP and 2-D Resolution
12 X-Ray CT
14 Coherent Imaging & Ultrasound
15 Ultrasound Imaging
16 Ultrasound Contrast, Microscopy and Doppler
17 Basics of NMR
18 Pulses and Relaxation Times
19 Echoes & K-space
20 Echoes and Contrast
21 2-D Gradient and Spin Echoes
22 Selective Pulses
23 3-D Methods of MRI Volume Localized Spectroscopy
24 Flow / Diffusion MRI