Sample Term Project Topics

1. Modification Options for Uprating of Existing LWRs

2. Issues of High Burnup Fuel in LWRs

3. Advanced Burnable Poison Concepts for LWRs

4. Feasibility of Very Long Cycle LWR Cores

5. Models for Prediction of Uranium and Thorium Resources and Costs

6. The Effect of Significant Future SWU Cost Reductions on LWR Fuel Management

7. Economics of Uranium Recycling

8. Feasibility of Thorium BWR Breeders

9. Comparison of Thermal Transmutation Options (LWR vs. CANDU vs. HTGR)

10. Measures for Proliferation of Fuel Cycle Options

11. Airox Recycling of High Burnup Fuel into Low Burnup LWRs

12. Airox Recycling of Pb Bi Fast Reactor Fuel into LWRs

13. Molten Cermet Fuel for Advanced Reactors

14. A Pebble Bed HTGR Library Model for ORIGEN

15. Measures to Increase HWL Repository Capacity