Properties of Water

SteamTab Companion
A free Windows application from ChemicaLogic that models the thermodynamic and transport properties of water and steam.

MATLAB® Scripts

Saturation Pressure at a Given Temperature T (M)

Saturation Temperature at a Given Pressure (M)

Liquid Enthalpy at T (M)

Vapor Saturation Enthalpy at T (M)

Evaporation Enthalpy at T (M)

Liquid Specific Internal Energy at T (M)

Vapor Specific Internal Energy at T (M)

Liquid Specific Entropy at T (M)

Vapor Specific Entropy at T (M)

Liquid Specific Volume at T (M)

Vapor Specific Volume at T (M)

Liquid Specific Heat at T (M)

Vapor Specific Heat at T (M)

Liquid Thermal Conductivity at T (M)

Vapor Thermal Conductivity at T (M)

Liquid Dynamic Viscosity at T (M)

Vapor Dynamic Viscosity at T (M)

Surface Tension at T (M)