Quantum Theory of Radiation Interactions

Image of purple and red light against a dark background; the purple light contains depictions of electromagnetic waves.

See the introductory lecture for more about Schrödinger's virus. (Courtesy of the Institute of Physics, available under a CC-BY license.)


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Fall 2012



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Course Description

This subject introduces the key concepts and formalism of quantum mechanics and their relevance to topics in current research and to practical applications. Starting from the foundation of quantum mechanics and its applications in simple discrete systems, it develops the basic principles of interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter.

Topics covered are composite systems and entanglement, open system dynamics and decoherence, quantum theory of radiation, time-dependent perturbation theory, scattering and cross sections. Examples are drawn from active research topics and applications, such as quantum information processing, coherent control of radiation-matter interactions, neutron interferometry and magnetic resonance.

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