PE.210 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate



Putting the gear together (MP4 - 3.7MB)
Preparing and donning the weight belt (MP4 - 4.3MB)
Partner assist with tank, BC and fins (MP4 - 2.2MB)
Entry: Giant stride (MP4)
Entry: Backward roll (MP4)
Donning the BC in the water (MP4 - 1.4MB)
Overhead don of the BC in the water, demonstrating control at the end (MP4 - 5MB)
Donning the BC in the water, view from below (MP4 - 3MB)
Donning the BC in the water, third view (MP4 - 4.5MB)
Surface dive, feet first (MP4 - 2.4MB)
Surface dive, head first (MP4)
Kicking (MP4 - 2.1MB)
Dolphin kick (MP4)
1 fin kick (MP4 - 1.2MB)
Mask removal and clearing (MP4 - 1.2MB)
Regulator recovery (MP4 - 1.2MB)
Doff and don of the BC underwater (MP4 - 2.5MB)
Doff and don of the weight belt underwater (MP4)
Ditch and recovery of equipment (MP4 - 6MB)
Simulated Emergency Swimming Ascent (SESA) (MP4)
Neutral buoyancy (MP4 - 2MB)
Rescue of an unconscious victim (MP4 - 3.3MB)
Rescue breathing (MP4)
Shared octopus breathing and ascent (MP4 - 1.2MB)
Tired swimmer assist, first version (MP4 - 4.6MB)
Tired swimmer assist, second version (MP4)
Tired swimmer assist, third version (MP4)
Cleaning and disassembling equipment (MP4 - 6.1MB)

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