PE.550 | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate

Designing Your Life

Lecture Notes

These lecture notes were written by Samantha Sutton.


Promises and consequences, areas of life

We learn how to develop your personal integrity by making and keeping weekly promises to yourself.



We identify theories you have about the way the world works, and discuss how they impact what you see as possible and impossible. We learn how to author new theories that better align with our dreams.


Theories, purges, and thought logs

We hunt for theories by recording our thoughts throughout the day. We also learn how to rid, or purge, the mind of destructive thoughts that keep us from honoring our promises to ourselves.



Every time your life does not resemble your dream life, there is likely an excuse that takes the responsibility for being great off your shoulders. We learn how to identify and debunk the excuses that are holding us back.


Parent traits

Many of our personal traits are formed in reaction to our parents. In this lecture we study this concept more deeply, and identify how our parents’ traits live within us.


Haunting incidents

Incidents from our past that haunt us contain valuable clues to lessons we need to learn. In this lecture we learn how to find haunting incidents in our lives.


Cleaning up haunting incidents

We learn how to clean up and resolve hauntings so they do not haunt us anymore, and so we can feel proud and confident in our skin.


Connecting haunting incidents, traits, and theories

We explain how hauntings arise from our traits and theories, and as such can provide valuable insights on what we need to evolve to reach our goals.


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