PE.730 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Lecture Notes

SES # Topics
1 Introductions, Class Logistics, Class Objectives, Safety, Equipment, How to String the Bow (PDF)
2 Stretching for Archery, Demonstration of the Draw and Shooting on Target, Practice Shooting (PDF)
3 Video Review 9 Steps of Proper Shooting Technique (PDF)

Draw Technique; Stance, Arm and Body Position, Anchor Points, Aim, Release, Follow through Practice Shooting

4 Grouping Arrows on the Target-correcting Draw Technique (PDF)

Increase Distance from Target, 15 Yards

5 Adjusting the Sight on the Bow to Aim, Scoring (PDF)
6 Practice Shooting - Scoring 6 Ends, 15 Yard Shooting (PDF)
7 Speed Shooting (PDF)
8 Class Tournament - “Singles Tourney” (PDF)
9 Class Tournament - “Team Tourney” (or Clout Shooting Outside, Weather Permitting) (PDF)
10 Bump Over Tournament (PDF)
11 Shooting and Scoring from 20 Yards (PDF)

High Speed Filming if Available

12 Distance Shooting Tournament (PDF)
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