The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L), recitation (R), and exam (E) sessions.

L1Maxwell's Equations, IntroductionProblem set 1 out
L2Conservation Laws: Energy, Poynting TheoremProblem set 2 out
R1Recitation 1 
L3Conservation Laws: Momentum, Stress TensorProblem set 1 due

Problem set 3 out
L4Energy and Momentum of E&M wave 
R2Recitation 2 
L5Models of Electric ResponseProblem set 2 due

Problem set 4 out
R3Recitation 3 
L6Frequency-dependent Response Function, Kramers-Kronig TheoremProblem set 3 due

Problem set 5 out
L7Waves in Dispersive Media 
R4 Recitation 4 
L8Waves in Inhomogeneous Media, Fresnel FomulasProblem set 4 due

Problem set 6 out
L9Transmission Lines, Waveguides 
R5Recitation 5 
L10Resonant CavitiesProblem set 5 due

Problem set 7 out
L11Lagrangian and Hamiltonian for Particle Dynamics 
R6Recitation 6 
L12Conservation Laws, Noether TheoremProblem set 6 due

Problem set 8 out
L13Lagrangian and Hamiltonian for E&M Fields 
R7Recitation 7 
L14Lorentz Transformations, Relativistic E&M IProblem set 7 due

Problem set 9 out
L15Lorentz Transformations, Relativistic E&M II 
R8Recitation 8 
L16Retarded Potentials, RadiationProblem set 10 out
L17Larmor Formula, Dipole RaditionProblem set 8 due
R9Recitation 9 
L18Scattering of EM WavesProblem set 9 due

Problem set 11 out
L19Relativistic Theory of Radiation 
L20Radiation Reaction and DampingProblem set 10 due

Problem set 12 out 
R10Recitation 10 
L21Frequency Spectrum of RadiationProblem set 11 due 
L22Relativistic Larmor Formula 
R11Recitation 11 
L23Impulsive RadiationProblem set 12 due
L24Cerenkov Radiation 
R12Recitation 12 
L25Synchrotron Radiation 
E1Final Exam