Study Materials

Below are links to some useful readings. These papers can all be downloaded from the linked Web sites.

General References

Review of Quantum Field Theory: Frank Wilczek

Review of the Standard Model: Jonathan L. Rosner

Unification "Easy Reading": Frank Wilczek

Neutrinos in Cosmology: A. D. Dolgov

Deep-inelastic Scattering References

Asymptotically Free Gauge Theories. I: Gross and Wilczek

Asymptotically Free Gauge Theories. II: Gross and Wilczek

Factorization Reference

Hard Scattering Factorization from Effective Field Theory: Bauer, Fleming, Pirjol, Rothstein, Stewart

Useful Standard Model Reference

CORE 2.1 (COmpendium of RElations, Version 2.1) V. I. Borodulin, R. N. Rogalyov, S. R. Slabospitsky