Lecture Notes

The lecture notes were prepared in LaTex by Alan Dunn, a former MIT student. He used Prof. Wilczek's handwritten notes to produce them.

Part 1: General Relativity (PDF)
1.1 Transformations and Metric
1.2 Covariant Derivatives: Affine Structure
1.3 Covariant Derivatives: Metric
1.4 Invariant Measure
1.5 Curvature
1.6 Invariant Actions
1.7 Field Equations
1.8 Newtonian Limit
Part 2: Cosmological Models with Idealized Matter (PDF)
2.1 Model Spaces: Construction
2.2 Friedmann-Robertson-Walker (FRW) Spacetimes
2.3 Curvature Calculations
2.4 FRW Dynamics
2.5 Canonical Model Cosmologies
2.6 Global Structure and Causality Relations
2.7 Measures of Space-Time Geometry
2.8 Olbers' Paradox
Part 3: Cosmological Models with Known Matter
3.1 Effect of Expansion on Matter
3.2 Effect of Expansion on Free Thermal Distributions