There is a one hour recitation section for undergraduate students, which is not included in this calendar.

1 Introduction and Overview
Part I: Globalization: A New Economic Order? The Historical Antecedents
2 Domestic and International Economies in the 19th Century
3 Globalization Before World War One
Part II: Creating the Global Economy
4 Trade and Politics
5 Global Capital Flows Paper topic 1 distributed
6 Critics
7 Multinational Enterprises Paper topic 1 due
8 Globalization and Development
Part III: The Consequences of Globalization
9 Can China and India Beat Us at our Own Game?
10 Does Globalization Increase Unemployment and Inequality? Paper topic 2 distributed
11 Does Globalization Destroy the Power of the State? Are Reform and Redistribution Still Possible?
12 Globalization and Democracy Paper topic 2 due