The purpose of this take home final is to give you an opportunity to reflect and to integrate different parts of the course. It is also designed to assure that you have considered the assigned readings.


  • Please answer two (2) of the four (4) questions below. Be sure to note references (i.e. authors, sources) as you draw on readings, or on lectures.

  • At least 4 different sources in reading assignments should be used per question. Identify the author, date, and page as relevant.

  • References used may overlap but cannot be totally identical across questions. (You can use other sources in addition to, but not instead of. No Wikipedia please.)

  • Suggested length is about 6–8 pages per question—only as very rough guide. You can write as little or as much as you see necessary to (a) convey your points and (b) meet the above reference-requirements.

  • Be sure to review your first and your last paragraphs to make sure that you did not digress from your intended logic or plan.


No later than the last day of classes, midnight.


  1. In what ways do international relations and cyberspace "touch upon" or influence each other. Please write an essay highlighting your sense of the interactions between these two domains. In so doing, please focus on the readings for Weeks 3 and 4, and readings from other weeks of your choice.

  2. What are the major institutions, institutional systems, and institutional mechanisms that have been developed to "manage" the cyber domain? Please provide a "rule of thumb" for the way in which you are organizing your response. In other words, please do not give a list of institutions, rather provide a logic for the way you propose to proceed, and then go ahead. Please draw from, or select, the specific readings in Weeks 6, 7, and 11.

  3. What would you consider to be the "sources of change" in the overall cyber domain? Please bound your response by

    (a) presenting your conception of "source" and of "change"
    (b) defining the cyber domain
    (c) addressing change by type, target, and potential impact

    If you prefer, you can propose an alternative framing for bounding this question. You can select readings from any week as relevant.

  4. Please provide your own question, and then write an essay in response. The only constraints are (a) the topic must be relevant to the course (b) you must draw on select readings as relevant.