1 Introduction; Overview of Course  
2 Historical Antecedents and Contemporary Varieties of Capitalist Democracies  
3 Concepts and Comparisons: Varieties of Capitalism and Welfare Regimes  
4 Britain I: Political Institutions  
5 Britain II: Politics and Political Economy  
6 Britain III: Contemporary Party Dynamics and Brexit First current events memo (on Britain) due 
Between sessions 6 and 7, a 50-minute midterm exam will be administered during recitation time.
7 Germany I: Politics and Political Institutions  
8 Germany II: Political Economy  
9 Germany III: Contemporary Politics and Party Dynamics Second current events memo (on Germany) due
10 Scandinavia I: Swedish Social Democracy  
11 Scandinavia II: Swedish Politics and Political Economy  
12 Scandinavia III: The Danish Variant on the Nordic Model Third current events memo (on either Sweden or Denmark) due 
13 Whither Europe? Group project due
14 Final Exam