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1 Introduction No readings
2 Introduction to STATA®

"The First Time." Chapter 1 in [Kohler].

"Working With Do-files." Chapter 2 in [Kohler].

"The Grammar of Stata." Chapter 3 in [Kohler].

"General Comments on the Statistical Commands." Chapter 4 in [Kohler].

"Creating and Changing Variables." Chapter 5 in [Kohler].

How to Use the STATA® infile and infix commands. (PDF)

3 Descriptive statistics I

"The Histogram." Chapter 3 in [Freedman].

"The Average and the Standard Deviation." Chapter 4 in [Freedman].

"Creating and Changing Graphs." Chapter 6 in [Kohler].

"Describing and Comparing Distributions." Chapter 7 in [Kohler].

How to Use the STATA® 'merge' command. (PDF)

Suggested Reading:

"Turning Data Into Information." Chapter 2 in [Utts].

4 Data resources and library research  No readings
5 Descriptive statistics II "Descriptive Statistics and Graphs." Chapter 6 in [Kellstedt].
6 Bivariate relationships I

"Bivariate Regression Models." Chapter 9 in [Kellstedt].

Suggested Readings:

"Introduction to Data Analysis." Chapter 1 in [Tufte].

"The Nature Of Regression Analysis." Chapter 1 in [Gujarati].

"Two-Variable Regression Analysis: Some Basic Ideas." Chapter 2 in [Gujarati].

"Two-Variable Regression Model: The Problem of Estimation." Chapter 3 in [Gujarati].

"Extensions of the Two-Variable Linear Regression Model." Chapter 6 in [Gujarati].

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8 Multiple regression I

"Multiple Regression Models I: The Basics." Chapter 10 in [Kellstedt].

"Introduction to Linear Regression." Chapter 8 in [Kohler]. pp. 181–96.

Suggested Readings:

"Two-Variable Linear Regression." Chapter 3 in [Tufte].

"Multiple Regression Analysis: The Problem of Estimation." Chapter 7 in [Gujarati].

9 Multiple regression II

"Multiple Regression Models II: Crucial Extensions." Chapter 11 in [Kellstedt].

Suggested Reading:

"Multiple Regression." Chapter 4 in [Tufte].

10 Presentation of group projects No readings
11–12 Workshop and individual meetings No readings
13 Sampling and inference I "Statistical Inference." Chapter 7 in [Kellstedt].
14 Sampling and inference II

"Bivariate Hypothesis Testing." Chapter 8 in [Kellstedt].

Suggested Readings:

"Inference About Simple Regression." Chapter 14 in [Utts].

"The Expected Value and Standard Error." Chapter 17 in [Freedman].

"The Normal Approximation for Probability Histograms." Chapter 18 in [Freedman].

"Chance Errors in Sampling." Chapter 20 in [Freedman].

"The Accuracy of Percentages." Chapter 21 in [Freedman].

"The Accuracy of Averages." Chapter 23 in [Freedman].

"A Model for Measurement Error." Chapter 24 in [Freedman].

"Tests of Significance." Chapter 26 in [Freedman].

"More Tests for Averages." Chapter 27 in [Freedman].

"A Closer Look at Tests of Significance." Chapter 29 in [Freedman].

15 Make up - this is a built-in flexible day, to make up lost time if we get behind No readings
16–17 Preliminary final project presentations and work sessions – these sessions are for you to work on your project and seek help Buy at Amazon Achen, Christopher H. Interpreting and Using Regression. Sage Publications, 1982. ISBN: 9780803919150. [Preview with Google Books]
18 Short exam which will cover all the technical material in the class No readings
19–22 Preliminary final project presentations and work sessions No readings
23–26 Final project presentations No readings